Advanced Laravel Excel

A step-by-step premium video course by the creators of Laravel Excel

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Ever struggled with yet
another Excel export or import?
So have we, plenty of times. Dealing with Excel can be overwhelming sometimes. We spent a lot of time figuring this stuff out and are happy to share this with you!

What will this course contain?

Together we'll build a small application with real-life, complex imports and exports. We'll go step-by-step and tackle implementing Laravel Excel in a performant way.
We cover fundamentals like
  • Creating exports from Blade views
  • Writing simple imports and exports
  • Organizing your imports and exports
  • Formatting numbers, money and dates
As well as complex situations
  • Using notifications and attachments
  • Generating periodic reports in Excel
  • Working with import and export iterators
  • Database denormalization & materialization
You'll get...
  • A premium step-by-step video course
  • A deep dive into the package by the author
  • The full source code of the application we'll build together
  • Lots of tips and tricks about cleaning up your imports and exports
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I've been using Laravel Excel since the Laravel-4 days to both import and export Excel. It's one of the best packages in the ecosystem. I'm looking forward to this course!

Freek Van der Herten Freek Van der Herten, developer and package creator at

Patrick Brouwers
About the instructor
I'm Patrick, full stack developer at Maatwebsite. I've built and maintained Laravel Excel - one of the most popular packages in the Laravel Community. Over the years I've become an expert on writing performant and complex imports and exports in Laravel.

Sign up to get notified about the launch and get the course for $99 $69